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Some words from my clients

Blue Angel - She speaks with the divine alignment to source energy love and compassion for all life and shares all knowledge that is being given to uplift and guide us each in our own way! She is a most beautiful light in this multiverse. Thank you for feeling and dancing through this amazing journey with me. I am truly blessed I am. Logan 



She was like meeting your very best friend. What a wonderful treat this is.  Could physically feel shifted upon the day of the healing. Such a wonderful woman. My son said WOW when the call first started.   feel free, grounded, and stronger. So happy I got to meet this woman. Look forward to chatting with her again soon! Laren


God bless, honestly you’ve mastered this you deserve every penny. Don’t stop here, what’s dark energy today will be the new world of the future. You deserve that recognition in history, I know that much of it & when this time arrives for my journey, I’d love to be the first person in history to be your physical validation of achieving next level occupational studies.. #5thdimension #instant5stars. Charlie


Very compassionate soul full of wisdom and a strong passion to help mankind. A true gift to humanity! Denise



‘It's only been 48 hours and I truly can't fathom or put into words how I feel in this now moment. I have tears streaming down my face from the sheer joy for the amount of unconditional love flowing from my heart; for myself and life in general. It is truly amazing how quickly one can change in less than 48 hours and some people don't believe in miracles lol. I wish I could show you from my perspective just the severity of change that has happened inside of my being. That you may truly understand just how much of a blessing you are to this world. I really can't thank you enough for helping me love me again!!! - Much Love Chris’


Dear Anastacia,

Wow almost a week since our healing connection!

Dearest ..I notice so much improvement!!

+ I have a More powerful connection with the Divine

+ My  releasing density/anxiety (mostly through meditation with help from the Divine) goes more quickly,easily= less emotionally painful

+ My bouts of grief and pain are over!

+ I am sleeping more deeply (in between the regular pee breaks)

+ I feel my body recovering from the total exhaustion I was feeling

+ I find your exercises so helpful..and now have the physical energy to work on my recently discovered empath abilities (starting with protecting myself from denser energies!)

I am so grateful for your support  (and of course  the Divine and the Arcturians!).

 It was so wonderful to connect with you …Yes!! I have a Soul sister!! 

Thankyou so Much!!

Much Love and Blessings

Ann xx


Anastacia is an incredibly powerful healer and the 1.1 Divine Healings that she offers is very unique and something that I had never experienced before.


I have had many healings throughout my life but I never felt as though they made much of a difference. During my session with this great Master I could actually feel the shift happening as she spoke.


I have encountered many wonderful transformations over the past few weeks that have changed me on every level. I feel alive and connected like a light bulb has been switched on. I am happy and content and the constant anxiety that I used to have daily has totally disappeared.


The only way I can explain a healing session with Anastacia is like stepping into a portal and being wrapped up in a wave of blissfulness and love, while healing white light permeated my entire being from my spirit down to the physical.


Anastacia is an extraordinary gifted individual, who brings not only love and compassion to her sessions but true down to earth authentic presence. I am so grateful that I found Anastacia and I would highly recommend her to anyone that has tried other healings and is now ready for a 1.1 Divine Healing.


With love and gratitude




"Anastacia,  I don't know what happened or how it happened, but what I do know is that I have shifted on such a major scale in such a short period of time and I feel AH-MAZING.  There really are no words to describe the experience and our session.  It was more a feeling and knowing than an understanding.  I felt the energy shifting and vibrating at different times through the session, both prior to getting on Skype with you and then while we actually spoke.  Hot flashes, rage and anger, swirling in the tummy and pulling, separating and cutting off of heaviness and weight, ears ringing.  When we finished, I felt strange.  Weird.  In a good way though!


Afterwards, I was zonked, had to have a nap and when I woke up, I felt somewhat integrated.  The following morning, I spoke words that I had been afraid to speak for a very long time.  I spoke my truth in a way that I haven't done since I was a rebellious teenage girl. I remember just how much I miss her!!   


The real shift came later that day. Out of nowhere, I felt this immense POWER rising within me.  A strong, empowered, certainty about who I am, what I came here to do and how I will now show up in the world authentically without fear of being persecuted for being ME! I believe this has to do with the healing around the past life wound that I was still carrying around.  I have spoken such truth since our session on many different occasions - not that I would lie before, I would just swallow my words instead of speak them in some instances.  

Since then, I literally feel like a completely different person.  I can't really remember who I was before our session.  Yet I feel like I have come home to myself in such a big profound way.  


Thank you so much for the powerful work that you do.  For your honesty and your authenticity.  For being so generous and giving with your time.  And for sharing your gifts with the world.  My higher self directed me to you and I'm so grateful I listened to the guidance.


With love and gratitude, Christine x"

Thank you, thank you, thank you”




I am so glad the creator has put you here among us.

Thank you sooooooooooooooo very very much for all your posts and energy updates, and especially this one that came right now. I am so grateful that you share all of this with so many of us, I am not sure where I would be ( if I would be alive) actually if it wasnt for your updates. These times are the toughest I have ever experienced, and I have no words to express how much it has meant for me to read your energy updates. Also, the healing you did on me has been changing a lot inside of me. Thank you again so very much! Much love from nancy️

(Sorry, I am not too comfortable posting on facebook, so please accept this message instead, I do not expect any answer, just wanted to let you know how big it is that what you do) Nancy




The following is the best way I know how of recommending a Master healer to any prospective candidates. I tell a brief story, recounting Anastacia's healing with me.


I know a lot of really fun people. I love how comfortable they are in their skins just being themselves. Anastacia is one of those people. She is totally herself. Fun and breezy, easy-going as hell, totally herself. After thinking about it two days after my Divine healing, it suddenly hit me. She reminded me of what I have always hoped God would be like. Just like hanging out with my friends. 


We went straight to business, as she told me what had just taken place in the past two hours. I don't pretend to fully understand what happened, so this is my own interpretation of what Anastacia told me. My energies were way out there in the astrals, and Spirit was bringing them back to me. And with the aid of 8d Spirit she found me there, wandering and lost. Reaching out for me with her hand, calling me to join her back in Paradise, my own Home, Me, that I've wandered far enough, she took me by the hand, and for the longest she pulled with her own body, and took my heaviness into her and transmuted it, until other Brothers and Sisters of the stars, the Arcturians, our loving protectors and friends, rushed gladly to give their assistance, and removed the negative entities, and blockages from my past lives.


She and I then anchored my soul energies back into my body, she guiding the Divine entering at the top of my head, and coming up through my chakras, my body clearing to meet in union in my heart. Coming to my assistance to help shift this energy up from root chakra to my solar plexus were my native American ancestors, and as this union in my heart of my of my soul, mind, and body took place, my ancestors rejoiced and celebrated the coming of home of their son, who had returned from a long spirit journey. I rejoiced with them, as did Anastacia. 


Then she healed the crack in my broken heart, and planted a rose quartz, set in emerald, there. It is and was the finest journey of my lifetime. My coming home to myself and Source within my heart. The harmony I had been seeking for all of my life I discover now, dwells within myself. This is the gift Anastacia brought to me. 


And she has continued to follow up with me with encouragement and healing when she is led so by Spirit. I shall always hold her as the finest friend I have ever known; she helped me find myself. 


Much love to you, Anastacia!




Please know the gratitude I have for the Divine 11:11 Healing that you performed for me this week. The clarity you provided for me on my spiritual path simply cannot be placed into words.

I felt at ease with you from the start of our Skype video chat. I love how real you are and how you were able to speak to my Higher Self and then share with me what my Higher Self said/felt. My favourited highlights during the healing would be when my Higher Self came out of my shell, I was free, dancing around a bit and during that time past lives were being released left and right such as my Alchemist lifetime. When my Higher Self said, "ok let's get back to work while laughing..".. you received a message that we just released a Shamans Curse..since we released the Shamans Curse, I have felt truly joyful and abundant in all areas and have been manifesting at greater speed than ever. 

You also confirmed for me that I am a Shaman, of which I have been drawn to and on the path with my guides for some time now. I adore and love you and I am looking forward to our next healing session. I also love how you followed up with notes after our session as you still performed healing after the session and stated" You were/are soooo ready for this, all else lead you up to this and was 'training' is what I get for this moment, as in with humanity and where we are." As this is what it's all about.. Divine timing!

Many blessings, you are truly doing the work of the Divine and I will remain forever grateful that I was able to connect with you as I will forever be joyfully changed.

With Love,



Just wanted to share that our session the other day was a lifesaver!

Not only did you help remove an entity that truly could have taken my life, you held such a strong space and guided me through that so I didn't get scared and distracted from all of what was left to be healed, experienced and felt in our session.

So we continued on with lots of laughs, the sweet release of some tears and FELT our way through NEW AWARENESS together in our healing session.

WOW!! Now there were many times you had to talk real sternly with me to get me to focus on FEELING this experience, I appreciated that so much because I did feel the love behind it and have "wasted" many years and $$ THINKING I was doing my 'work'.

And now that I have the practical EXPERIENCE of our time together I can REALLY DO/FEEL my work with the tools you've provided.... now that's true healing to me! And oh so much fun too!!  I'm feeling so much better already. I am forever equipped for an EMPOWERED life and most grateful for you and how you do your healing. 


With a playful loving heart,





I contacted Anastacia to assist me with a cord cutting as I felt loaded down and unable to move forward . I cant thank Anastacia enough......


I whole heartily recommend anyone struggling with issues that they just cant shake to contact Anastacia for help , Im sure you will feel as I do that it was the best thing I have done and feel blessed that our paths have crossed.


There were things in my life that I knew were a problem and I have been to a lot of people to help me with this over the years but Anastacia is the only one that has been able to identify what was causing it with amazing accuracy. 


I am feeling so light and free and now my soul is able to move forward , gaining strength with every day that goes by. 




Dearest Anastacia,


I wanted drop you a quick note and send your huge and sincere THANK YOU! Since our session my life and energy seem to be on the fast track to healing. The ease and grace in and out of facing and tackling tough emotions and challenges in my ascension path feel much much smoother. The resistance or blocks that I was experiencing seem to be gone as the river is moving effortlessly as intended. The immediate days following were simply magical. 




I write this out of the pure love of my heart. If you are fortunate enough  to receive a healing from the Pure Divinity that is embodied in Anastacia- then consider yourself insanely blessed. There is no hierarchy in spirituality, however, being able to work with an ascended master embodied in human form is an otherworldly experience. 


I have known (on my own accord) I was a very high frequency being and am a powerful healer, however this has been a solo journey- no physical voice was able yet assist me on my path or in any validation that I wasn't "just crazy." 

I was not allowed to receive healings by anyone for over a year. This was extremely difficult and left me feeling "alone in the galaxy" so to speak. 


The instant the THREE hour healing started  I could feel the the energy  coursing. I work with quantum healing light and frequencies- yet this was a whole  other level. 

How do you give words to something that remains unexplainable? 

The gift of healing and power that this divine goddess has been bestowed is indescribable. She saw what NO ONE else could see. She got to the core of every root issue and just dissolved it. 

So many healers will take months (if you're fortunate) but often years to achieve what happened for me in minutes.  I would never knock any healer for we are all perfect and have our role! This was just to show scale of healing time. 


She felt everything I was flowing and brought words to MY mouth as I was feeling them.


I was also healed with my home planet. I could feel for the first time the connection to my planet and the healing that took place within those dimensions. Astonishing. 


We understand the feeling of true surrender but there is that little bit of humanoid that still yearns for answers and validation. And she gives this in the most loving non-ego boosting way. 


I cried almost the whole session not due to pain- but due to the fact I was so blessed and chosen to receive a healing of such powerful magnitude. 


This was meant to be a small thank you but turned into my overflowing gratitude to Anastacia and the Cosmos for loving me so. 


Of course Anastacia healed my broken heart and cleared the congestion of my mind and these things will lead me to standing in my power with my divine ideal self my true soul self. Be able to speak my true authentic voice with conviction, love, Grace, ease, and empowerment. And most of us go to healers because that is what we are looking for. For me this was just the cherry on top. Being able to sit in front of Christ consciousness embodied and pure unconditional love is something that does not come just across anyone. If her name comes across to you- You are being called to read her post. Your higher self is telling you to receive the energetic healing that she gives through every word and intention. If you are fortunate enough to be told to receive a healing then do not press pause. Immediately press PLAY. 

Sat Nam and Namaste! 

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