About me

Much of Anastacia’s writings that she scribes has never been written in the human form before. She has been told that, in essence, she is writing the ‘history books’ for now as it happens. This is part of her role as an Ascension Pioneer and she has had many lives in which she was both an ancient and future scribe. What she is now scribing has shifted to LIVING WORDS as we now newly create them ‘in these times’.


As a Way Seer, Anastacia sees and feels firstly for humanity on the the whole planet in what she brings through. She brings it through when it is LIVING PROOF. Often what is written is very different to the experience (knowing and experiencing are world’s apart). 


Having commenced her conscious spiritual journey 23years ago, Anastacia has been publishing her energy updates, offering healings and writing for publications for over 10years. 


Anastacia will guide you in a 1:1 Divine Healing energy space in stepping into your Master-ship in your HUman embodiment - as many of us are doing at this time. This takes letting go of negative ego and coming from total unconditional love of the Divine and ourselves. Firstly, we need to ‘put the stick down’ and be gentle on and with ourselves. We need to feel our emotions and be very honest with ourselves. We must also develop and maintain total faith and trust in Spirit.


And this all starts with us - or YOU


We are indeed ‘coming home to ourselves’ and claiming our Sovereignty in times like no other! You may already know that you are brave Spiritual Warriors or Peaceful Warriors. It is why we are coming together as Masters. And we are here to change the world - starting with ourselves. Knowing and Experiencing are World’s Apart.


You are Masters. You are Ascending.


We are Gathering