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A journey of Unconditional love

For 30 years, Anastacia has been living in Divine Service clearing and paving the way for humanity and Gaia as a clear vessel of the Divine/GrandMaster Ascension Pioneer.

Anastacia serves as a Rainbow Bridge for humanity, bringing Sacred Divine energies directly from Source through herself in the real time human experience that can easily be felt and experienced by anyone willing to tune in.

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Get to know the trailblazer that is Anastacia

with AnastaciaSisters in Service Down Under
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What makes Anastacia so unique is her ability to come from complete unconditional love and understanding to bring through higher dimensional healing energies while still remaining very grounded, raw and real, lightening things up 100% in the human.

She, too, has gone through the hard yards and has felt the human experience to its greatest degree, through the emotions to link Spirit and Soul.

By doing so firstly, she has created the template and has earned her stripes as Anastacia Blue Beyond Guide and is NOW willing and able to guide others seeking to step into their mastership as well.

Words can simply do no justice to describe the Beautiful/Amazing Master that is Anastacia as her energy goes so BEYOND what words alone can express. It's something that one truly needs to experience and feel for themselves. Once you experience her energy,  you will feel the Divine Love, Grace and Beauty that emanates from her being.  This is a space of Mother, Grandmother, Galactic Goddess energies Masters.

One of the most amazing qualities about Anastacia is her courage and her willingness to lay it all on the line as her true authentic self.  She truly is a template for other masters who are seeking to learn and grow into their own sovereignty and freedom.

All she shares is through her own life experience, built upon UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and UNITY, gathering and assisting/guiding and empowering other masters with their own Divine link from Spirit to Soul through their emotions to progressively merge their Spirit/Higher Self with their human embodiment. Creating and bringing through a 5th Dimensional New Light Paradigm of Community and Unity as we each continue up this rainbow spiral of ascension TOGETHER.

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