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These amazing 1:1 Divine healings have been a catalyst for souls, who have 'tried everything else' or where I have been let know many times that 'no-one else seems to be able to assist me further'.

The Divine Healing commences from when the 'booking' is made, up to the day of the 1:1and continues for some time afterwards as well.

These offerings listed here are living Divine energy for you to feel in to and resonate with for what you may be seeking for yourself on your own ascension journey.

When the desire comes from within your heart to fully allow yourself to uptake these Divine healings, the space is created and the way is provided Masters. All exchanges need to be met 50/50 for a mutual energy exchange. 

I AM a mirror of a Mirror of the Divine...a future version of yourself through my human vessel linked directly to the Divine in Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty - transmuting through 9D embodiment. 

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