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These amazing 1:1 Divine healings have been a catalyst for souls, who have 'tried everything else' or where I have been let know many times that 'no-one else seems to be able to assist me further'.

The Divine Healing commences from when the 'booking' is made, up to the day of the 1:1and continues for some time afterwards as well.

These offerings listed here are living Divine energy for you to feel in to and resonate with for what you may be seeking for yourself on your own ascension journey.

When the desire comes from within your heart to fully allow yourself to uptake these Divine healings, the space is created and the way is provided Masters. All exchanges need to be met 50/50 for a mutual energy exchange. 

I AM a mirror of a Mirror of the Divine...a future version of yourself through my human vessel linked directly to the Divine in Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty - transmuting through 9D embodiment. 

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Discounted exchanges for Divine Healing sessions 

when you book in packages of three

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
  • Who these sessions are for ~
    These powerful sessions are often a catalyst for souls who have ‘tried everything else,’ ‘done all they can’ or where ‘no-one else seems to be able to help or assist further’. I meet you where you're at on your Soul's Divine Journey, and all you have been through, personally and what you are transmuting for and with humanity.
  • What the space is like ~
    You will be held in a most Divine, Safe and Sacred space of 9D in the human and 12-14D in Spirit (the highest vibration attainable as a human being living on planet Earth at this time) throughout your entire healing. I come from a Golden Space of Pure Divine Unconditional Love, living in Christ Consciousness and Divine Service 24/7 for humanity and the planet for over the past 26 years consciously as an ascension trailblazer/wayshower/pioneer. With that time and experience I have gained many practical and effective tools and wisdom that will assist you greatly in your everyday life.
  • What's included in the exchange ~
    Please know Masters that you will resonate and feel the call within your heart as to which healing will be most suitable for you and your needs and as ALWAYS, the way will be provided for you to book in if guided. As I guarantee the value and the impact of each of these life changing Divine Healings are truly beyond measure. Also please be aware that the moment your exchange has been made and received, an energetic commitment has been made and your healing will commence immediately. With that please note that no refunds or exchanges will be given due to your energetic commitment and the immediate healing that you will begin to receive upon exchange. Take comfort in knowing that along with these healings, we will also lighten it up and have fun and laugh a lot as we clear, heal and release together with the Divine🙏
  • ** Important Exchange Info for AUSTRALIANS **
    If you live in Australia, you can make your payments via direct transfer to: Westpac Bank BSB: 034215 Account No: 800553 Account Name: Vacopotens

‘You would not believe all that has already happened since the purchase last night.. instantly as it was completed transitioned into the next octave or something like that. I know this is scary energy, and now I understand the “iceberg” “bottom” and it’s deep. No pun intended, and when the ancient glacier is scraping off the ocean floor, it’s completely darkness, void of light. As it scrapes the floor, atom to atom it disintegrates and probably starts microbial life but in a nutshell that is the light starting from the dark. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel finally and I knew it wasn’t about the $ and more or so the belief you have behind whatever you are searching for. Thank you again, grandmaster Kompos!'


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