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Uluru 2019

We Are Masters and We Are Gathering


‘How exciting as the ‘time has come’ and we are very ready for NEW energies, insights and information to be VOICED and shared in a way like no other!

This is one of the highest vibrations of energies being shared and presented in AUSTRALIA! 


At the Solar Plexus of the World!’

Gather with Masters at Anastacia’s presentation in Uluru!

At the Cosmic Consciousness Conference 12-14 January 2019 

'We Are Masters and We Are Gathering'
In her experiential presentation, Anastacia will guide you in this divine healing energy space to step into your Master-ship in your Human embodiment - as many of us are doing at this time. This takes letting go of negative ego and coming from total unconditional love of the divine and ourselves. Firstly, we need to ‘put the stick down’ and be gentle on and with ourselves. We need to feel our emotions and be very honest with ourselves. We must also develop and maintain total faith and trust in Spirit.
And this all starts with us - or YOU.
We are indeed 'coming home to ourselves' and claiming our sovereignty in times like no other! In coming to this Conference, you may already know that you are brave spiritual warriors or peaceful warriors. It is why we are coming together at Uluru. And we are here to change the world - starting with ourselves. Knowing and experiencing are world’s apart.
You are Masters. You are Ascending.
We are Gathering




And just like a piece of black coal that takes immense pressure and years and years of feeling ‘the heat’ - eventually it reaches a BREAKING-THROUGH POINT (or points) of then TRANSFORMING INTO A BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE DIAMOND!


And that beautiful and unique diamond is YOU!


And then the new diamond, looks back and reflects on all that times in ‘darkness’ of being  pressured so much to transform into the now ~ BRILLIANT DIAMOND ~ and then and only then does one feel that THIS WAS WORTH IT and WORTH THE STAY!!


And along this black coal/diamonds path as one looks back, one says I am so thankful and grateful that I kept the faith and trust that I would make this and I would break through for myself...


And if I could go back and tell myself something, anything to help myself at that and those darker times, what would it be?


It would be a loving soft voice of encouragement, knowing the previous experience of having to go through all of that, as we know how determined and strong and oh so very stubborn, the will of a fighter inside and to lovingly be there for ourselves, reminding our selves, we are here for a reason and while I am not understanding what or why I am going through all I AM...that there is a bigger and greater purpose and very much bigger than me and I AM


And that I now choose to really surrender to the Divine even my TOTAL heart in faith and trust....


That I love so much and so deeply that I need to surrender the love of ALL to hand over to the Divine in faith and trust - and only now focus on MYSELF and LOVING ME!


As I am more important that I realise...I ‘thought’ more than felt, if I loved others, then that would help me to love myself...well yes but no....


The love for self needs to come from self and no looking outside of myself, no matter what who where or why...


As then all else flows from there...the inside out, the inside out...yes we may ‘know’ this, yet “Knowing and Experiencing are World’ Apart”...


We keep surrendering and handing over in a NEW and COMPLETE FAITH AND TRUST OF THE COLLECTIVE BIGGER PICTURE...


This is just ‘So much bigger than just ‘us’ - this is on a new collective heart energy space way...of a new healing of much old old grief releasing...


If we only but allow it....


That is the secret or the key here....and I don’t say that too often...


What is it, to be so enlightened and share if one is not FEELING and BEING VERY REAL!


We can all be Masters, yet, are we mastering ourselves firstly and by this I mean IN THE HUMAN AS WELL AS IN SPIRIT!"

-excerpt from 10 June 2018 energy update sent to subscribers

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