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Grand Master clAss

These classes are for the advanced master who is feeling and seeking to go ABOVE and BEYOND to GrandMaster 10th Dimensional Energies (highest on the planet) to grow in to their own GrandMastership.

This class consists of 1-2 weeks of INCREDIBLE pre-healing followed up by 2: 1-2hr gatherings over 2 days via private Zoom meeting with up to 10 other Masters and myself, amplifying and raising the vibration 10 fold.


Add your name to the list, and you'll be the first to hear about the next Grand Master Class.

remember masters,
it always flows from inner to outer, and it starts with you, firstly.

always be
gentle with YourSelf
and really become conscious of what you're whispering to yourself within your heart of hearts.


‘Absolutely stunning! Powerhouse of grace, unconditional love, healings and purity of Masters gathering. Feeling the dragon and lotus healings.
I feel, personally that with all my healings I have shown up for with you and other masters, that I no longer have the conscious desire to leave earth. I feel that I can begin to slowly enjoy being in my body and feel a strength to feel my feelings without detaching.
Thank you all so much for today. A true gift.'


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