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Energy Updates

Ascending Masters Gathering Personal Updates

Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide  - Are you resonating to receiving more personal energy updates than what is shared here? -

What you are reading here is what is shared publicly, after the more personal sharing via email and then also private personal updates as well 

From 1st of November (and thereafter) the Blue Beyond Guide personal/diary/notes sharing that was previously at a set contribution/exchange, will be available by way of a donation of what you feel at this time, that you can contribute as this is to/for yourself from 1st of November


In the personal updates via email, I not only share what is being publicly shared and firstly but also more private Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WayShower ‘diary notes’ of what I personally experience through my 7D Human Soul linked with my Spirit, firstly as it comes through to humanity - in ‘real-time’ 


Of what I go through in being in 7D Embodiment as an Ascended 5D Earth Master - that those who do receive these, share how this is often wonderful validation and a divine healing in doing so in them ‘helping to help themselves’ - as I was in 5D for 10years before shifting into 6 and now 7D...this is for ascension energy information only and no other reason I share this as there is no negative ego or uplifting of myself need to when one shares of the Divine in pure unconditional love, truth and honesty - as I truly stand by all I share


These personal sharings are what is NOT going into a book to be published, yet are being shared NOW of what I LIVE 24/7 in ‘living words’ during these current energies and what comes through to humanity and firstly, with a link/connection from my Soul to my Spirit/Higher Self and a direct link to the Divine = Double Master energy


As part of my ‘mission’ in bringing through to humanity what has not been ‘put into words’ before - and this is for those Masters who resonate so very deeply to the Divine Energy that ‘comes through’ my writings as an Ancient/Future Scribe and again, as-it-happens - in growing into their Mastership as Ascending Earth this does take coming into the human being, in growing into our Mastership in the Human and not only having the ‘knowing’ in spirit only = there is a very big difference!


Please know I have been writing and sharing for 10years now and have been on my personal conscious ascension journey for 23yrs and I know many of you have been on your conscious journeys for some time as well...yet others have been very newly ‘awakened’ as well.


There is more, so much more to what I am sharing here publicly 


*I would also like to let you know that for the remainder of October there is a 10% off the exchange for a 1:1 Divine Double Master Healing - more information can be found on this here


There is a personal connection of the Divine and myself for those who do receive these via email and some deeper than others, as that all depends on you and your Divine connection 


These and all updates are from pure unconditional love of the Divine love of ALL


This has been previously by way of a monthly set contribution amount and now this is expanding and opening up more now by way of a donation of what you feel to contribute - if you so choose to that is, as those who are ready will know and do so...


It is up to each person to then choose if they want to help themselves as there are many (and I do understand) that right now do not have finances to pay the previous monthly amount...and so its now like the Divine is saying ‘what, not even $1’ - for those souls to realise that energy exchange is necessary for energy flow = abundance - on all layers and then the onus is upon them to ‘help themselves’ - again if one so chooses to - and those who do understand or ‘get this’ will feel what I ‘mean’ here...


As I live (again 24/7) what I share, to bring through to you all I do...


And so now it is time for a change in offering what I AM as we so need to honour and appreciate ourselves and what we are going through and it may be time for you to give to yourself 


If you are resonating to this you can email me at: and I will email you in the next week in leading up to November 1st with more details on this


We are Masters...we are Ascending and we are Gathering...


Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty


Anastacia Kompos

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