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Divine Healings are available by emailing

NEW 01.01.2022 Anastacia Blue Beyond Guide Healing Offers:


1Hr $330


Special Package: 3 x 1hr $900 (normally($990)


Advanced/Grand Master Double Divine Healing of: 2hrs 1st time: $660, after this $600


*Special package offer* for 2hr Divine healing:

For first time booking 3 x 2hrs 1:1 $1760  (normally $1860)

3 x 2hrs 1:1 for return bookings $1715 (normally $1800)


BBTI Emails: $55

100 Master’s Zoom $144

Super MasterClass $444

Grand SuperMasterClass $888 over 2 days


2Hours = 1hr of 14th Dimensional Healing of Spirit or the ‘unseen’ of ALL as guided with your Higher Self and the Divine, including energies brought in with you to this lifetime from Ancient Times and past lives! Providing you with a written synopsis of what I AM seeing, clearing and healing as guided for YOU at that time, from yourself-Source. There is no other healing on the planet like this. 

This ALSO INCLUDES a 1hr 1:1 in both 14D & 9D Dimensional energies that is recorded on Zoom. Linking Spirit & Soul of your Higher Self-Source Divine guidance in a Golden Space of Pure Divine Unconditional Love

The healing commencing upon the energy exchange of payment, until we ‘meet’. This is a very generous amazing Divine Healing. No refund due to healing commencing upon exchange.

You will receive a DOUBLE 11:11 healing - in the human-your Soul AND also in your Spirit/Higher Self as well, at the same time. Not just one healing but two at once!



1Hour = 14th Dimensional and 9th Dimensional Divine Healing for your own HIGHER SELF & Soul Guidance directly from Source to YOU. This is recorded on Zoom for you. Please know, we have fun and laugh a lot as we clear, heal and release 🙏 . No refund due to healing commencing upon exchange.

NEW OFFER: 45mins 1:1 recorded Zoom Divine healing: $250 - each one of these is life changing.

Payment may be made firstly, with a follow up email to: to ensure your booking in:

For those outside of Australia:


In Australia:

Westpac Bank

BSB: 034215

Account  No: 800553

Account Name: Vacopotens


These amazing 1:1 Divine Healings have been a ‘catalyst’ for souls, who have ‘tried everything else’ or ‘done all they can’ or where I have been let know many times that ‘no-one else seems to be able to help or assist me further’.


The Divine Healing commences from when the ‘booking’ is made, up to the day of the 1:1 Divine Healing and continues for quite some time afterwards as well.

I AM a mirror of a Mirror of the Divine...a future version of yourself through my human vessel linked directly to the Divine in Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty - transmuting through 9D embodiment.

When a soul is ‘ready’ the way is provided and all flows ‘beautifully and effortlessly’.

Thank you for reaching out and feeling to make contact-a connection for a Divine 1:1 Healing and for where you are ‘at’ on your Souls Divine Journey and all you have been through, personally for yourself in what you are transmuting for and with humanity 


As always I AM right here with you - Keeping it Raw and Real

Anastacia Blue Beyond Guide

GrandMaster Trailblazer Ascension Pioneer Guide for Humanity


‘If you react to my energy, you are welcome to the trigger of a healing for you’

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