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No upcoming events at the moment

welcome to a NewlY cReated  sacred divine space for those who are seeking to grow into their Mastership, in the human being. Raising to new heights in both spirit and Soul.

Get comfortable, RELAX, ENJOY and HONOR this sacred space and gathering for yourself to not only receive a divine healing and upgrade... 


But to also come together in NEW UNITY, to join and amplify your energy, healing and impact with every other master that joins ~ this literally takes the whole experience to new heights.

We are clearing and breaking through old ancient paradigms to form and create the new from the old. 

linked from spirit to soul 
through our emotions within our human embodiment that is of a New Unity // Community Divine Healing on both an individual and collective level.
Please note: No refund as healing commences upon exchange.
No upcoming events at the moment
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In simply choosing to show up to hold this space, you are INSTANTLY receiving a Pure Divine Healing in real time that is of the highest vibration to the planet from 5D-9D.

The Healings that come through each of these Divine Gatherings are truly incredible as this space is being held in New Earth/Cosmic Christ Consciousness Energies. Beyond the words alone Masters.

Huge release.

Feels like a veil lifting from the head.

Judgment patterns are releasing, and heart is opening.

Solar plexus feels lighter, higher heart tingling, free.

So blessed for the gift of today ~ and in deep joy to fully move with all I am.

Peace and calm. Grateful to be held by the divine.

Feeling so deeply the love you share, releasing so many tears.

creating a free, safe & protected 9d energy space

clear the old / ancient cobwebs.
burn off the dross.

let go & allow a new divine space to receive.

The UPGRADES that are gifted through each of these gatherings will greatly assist in:

balancing and harmonizing the 
divine Masculine & feMinine,
& right bRain,
and sOUl star TO eArth star. 


Within each gathering Anastacia shares many tools and activations from  28 years of being an ascension trailblazer/pioneer for humanity

Allow yourself a breath and a pause to feel and uptake this refreshingly empowering Divine Healing/Upgrade that was brought through on the first 144 Gathering of 2022. A gift for you to actually uptake and experience for yourself here and now, as a sample of what comes through during one of these Sacred Divine gatherings.

try it now....... 

this is an abundance upgrade from the first 144 gathering of 2022
No upcoming events at the moment
Photography Daniel Kordan Lake Baikal blogger heartsofsand art abstract ice 2-1.jpg

Simply allow and uptake Masters, that's all that is required your choice as:

All happens quickly and effortlessly with ease and grace in a natural organic flow that is purely DIVINE.
"This space is a blessing."

"Today felt like a true gift with seeing and feeling I have been missing my peace within, feeling the higher heart of joy and feeling like I can relax and just BE whilst all is unfolding."

"Such powerful, cleansing and shifting energies...Lots of clearing, then integrating of ancient and recent energies to now move forward with ease. Huge release as the live finished."

"This was so unique and different. I have felt so held and supported since the exchange and came in with complete faith and trust in you and the Divine."

"The healings and visions that came were incredible and feel wonderful, so powerful and just beyond words!!"

remember masters,
it always flows from inner to outer, and it starts with you, firstly.

always be

gentle with YourSelf
and really become conscious of what you're whispering to yourself within your heart of hearts.

NEW UNITY IS COMMUNITY and it is Beyond Time that WE ARE GATHERING, Masters.




Join us 







For 144 GATHERING # of 2023

New Earth Upgrade: Ahead-of-time Masters who wish to advance in their New Earth Ascension in new JOY in 5D embodiment and beyond


Sliding Scale Exchange as guided for each soul

from AUD 144 to 222 to 330.

Please note: No refund as healing commences upon exchange.

No upcoming events at the moment
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